ImmunityBoost Functional Meal Program

An immunity focused functional meal program with the aim of returning immunity health markers to a healthy range. Our meals are clean and anti-inflammatory and produced through AWE process that will not react negatively with your cells.

The ingredients of AWE immunity meals are optimised and encapsulated within 8 days of preparation to ensure maximum nutrition is obtained. Our meals also contains immunity boosting minerals and vitamins that is of the highest bio availability for maximal absorption.

This program is suitable for anyone looking to improve their immunity in a healthy and sustainable manner. We have ensured that this program is easy to follow, convenient with easy to prepare meals and hope to impart as much knowledge as we can to you about the wonders of eating healthily and what it can do for your body.

This 2-week program would be the most beneficial for people diagnosed with conditions/disorders namely:

1. Cancer
2. Eczema
3. Auto Immune Disorders
4. Gout
5. Arthritis
6. High Stress
7. Allergic Rhinitis

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S$ 400.00

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    Our Immunity Meal Plan is a comprehensive meal plan designed to enhance your immunity through a wholesome and healthy diet of our Clean Meals and Clean Sides:

    Pesto Udon


    Maple Shoyu Ginger Fish Cake Don


    Bulgogi Kimchi


    Beetroot Quinoa Risotto


    Miso Ginger White Noodles


    Tamarind Beef2
    Mapo Eggplant2
    Beef Bourguignon2
    Braised Sambal Lemongrass Noodles
    Herbal Broth with Ginger Brown Rice2
    Breakfast Granola Mix2
    Sambal Brown Rice Vericelli2
    Mee Siam2
    Hearty Mix Grain Congee2
    Braised Shoyu Minced Meat Porridge2