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World's first clinically proven nutrition-focused, clean-label, functional plant-based food with honest flavour. AWE, the better way to eat.

Available in delicious local delights and international flavours.

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WHy are we different?


Quality nutrition

AWE meals are clinically proven* to boost immunity and improve weight management. They are not just about great flavour, they are also about health. AWE health experts help you delight in delicious meals while ensuring you get the necessary nutrients and proteins.

Made from plants

At AWE, we believe that every ingredient matters. Our products are crafted with quality ingredients, infused with passion and made for a better world. We create nutritional products from plants, seaweed and mushrooms that are good for you and the planet.


We've spent years developing our Clean-Label philosophy. We go to great lengths to ensure we only use real ingredients, no artificial preservatives, additives, and GMO-free products.

Honest taste

We believe in the honest truth that food can be tasty and still good for you. That’s why our delicious range of 200+ meals and snacks is bursting with flavour while keeping sodium and sugar levels low.

Prepare to be surprised, because Clean plant-based food is super tasty

Instead of

Peeling a carrot and

Making a smoothie

Try these!

Bundle of Bestsellers

Ordering your meals with AWE is like eating in your favourite restaurant

Looking for

focused nutrition?

We've got other meal programs with specific functions.

Don't take our word for it.

"I love your Collagen Egg so much, the texture is so similar to an actual egg yet light and healthy! Another product I am in love with would be your fish cake for its clean taste.

I consume your food products 3 times weekly and can feel the difference when carrying out my daily duties... I am more energized and less lethargic.

Eating healthy has never been easier for me."
Dr Mary Chen Ming Li – Renowned Financial Advisory Professional
"Tried them several weeks ago, and though fish balls are not my usual cup of tea, I found they tasted much like the real thing and were quite satisfying as part of a healthy meal. I did accompany them with Vietnamese hot sauce on one of the meals as I wanted a bit more taste."
Dr Richard Helfer - Renowned Hotelier
"Pleasantly surprised at the taste and quality of AWE meals. Body feels clean after eating these!"
Simon Tan – Founder of Café Football and The Arena
"My immune system is even stronger than before. You find yourself more healthy and energetic."
Jason Chung – Local Celebrity

Nobody works harder to bring you quality nutrition

A lot of people and processes go into making an AWE meal, snack or meal plan - from ingredients cultivation and selection to cleansing, preparation and meal design. Find out about these processes, how to better enjoy your AWE meal, and more.

How AWE Works