3-Days Nourishing Detox Program


* 3-Days Nourishing Detox Program

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    Our Nourishing Detox Program is a comprehensive meal plan designed to revitalise your body through a range of Clean Meals: 


    Day 1 - Almond Milk Bircher Muesli with Berry Nut Mix

    Day 2 - Breakfast Granola Mix

    Day 3 - Hearty Mix Grain Congee


    Day 1 - Miso Ginger White Noodles

    Day 2 - Hummus Platter

    Day 3 - Chickpea Beef Stew with Quinoa Lentil Pilaf


    Day 1 - Walnut Meatball Delight

    Day 2 - Lupin Cauliflower Rice with Hearty Chilli

    Day 3 - Savoury Beef Bolognese Pasta

    Meals are to be consumed in this specific sequence.