Choosing the right plan

If you're trying to nail down a specific nutrition goal, we have the meal plan for you.

We know that it can be tough to eat healthy food all the time, so we've created functional meal plans based on common health goals like weight loss or muscle gain. These plans are designed specifically to help you reach your desired nutrition outcomes.

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Functional meal plans for specific nutrition goals

Our functional meal plans have been developed with over 14 years of science to create the perfect meal for our bodies.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, manage blood sugar or have a particular allergy or food sensitivity, we’ve got a plan that covers all your bases.

Going beyond plant-based, AWE meals are clinically proven* to help you eat your way to better health and wellness.

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Weight Management+ Meal Plan


Clinically proven* to promote weight management.

This isn't just dinner. This is dinner that actually helps you achieve your nutrition goals.

And, in addition to meeting the most current standards for what constitutes a healthy meal, we've also made it delicious. Eating well is easy and addictive when you have delicious meals like these on hand.

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Immunity+ Meal plan

Immunity+ Meal plan

Eating clean is hard, very hard. Most food options out there contain contaminants, preservatives and additives. So we've designed AWE meals to help you take baby steps to get started on nutritionally-charged, clean meals. That means no contaminants. No additives. No GMO. No hormones.

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All the good stuff. None of the nasties.

We put ingredients through six stages of our signature process, before they become the nutritious and delicious meals and snacks ready for your enjoyment. Here's how it works.


For food that we don't grow, we qualify them across 15 criteria to ensure all ingredients are natural, ethically produced and beneficial to us.


We sort and wash ingredients with alkaline ionised water, organic soap and ultrasonic washers to remove surface contaminants like pesticides.


Under gentle conditions, we activate ingredients to optimise nutritional value, increase the bioavailability, and prevent possible contamination.


Our signature, wholly natural food preparation processes (eg fermentation) retain freshness and taste, and encapsulate natural vitamins, enzymes and minerals.


A team of nutrition, health, culinary technology experts combines and texturises ingredients to design AWE's nourishing and delicious meals.


We use deepfreeze technology to lock in and optimise nutrients for optimal absorption, and  keep our meals tasting fresher for longer.

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Great variety, simple preparation

Great variety, simple pre-

With 200+ different meals and snacks representing local and world cuisines, you won't ever be tired of eating well. Learn how you can enhance your meals with these tips...

AWE is easy to enjoy

We made it easy for you to take care of yourself

Not quite sure what you want? Order a Wellness box and be converted.

We're inclined to think that you'll find our Wellness Box a real treat - these nutritious, tasty meals are fast, wickedly easy to prepare and will satisfy even the fussiest of taste buds.

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