Goal-directed nutrition packs

Add AWE programme packs to your meal plan subscriptions to target specific nutrition goals. These could include weight management, immunity boost and more. We’ll be launching a need programme every quarter… stay tuned for more!

Pick your programme pack

Each pack comes with 10 meals designed to help support a specific nutrition goal. These are available with an AWE plan subscription.

Weight Management Meal Plan

With high protein and fiber meals that satisfy your appetite with lower calories, our Weight Management meal plan helps you manage and sustain your weight loss goal in a healthy way.

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Coming soon: Immunity Boost pack

Launching in March 2022, these meals -  designed by our team of experts - are packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help improve your body’s immune response.

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Don’t have a subscription yet?

To add programme packs to your order, you need to have an AWE meal plan subscription that delivers 4 AWE meals and 6 AWE snacks to you every month.