Order and delivery process

Subscribing to AWE meal plans gives you access to additional meals, snacks and specific-nutrition programme packs, as well as other member benefits. Here's how it works.

AWE meals begin with a subscription


Get 4 meals and 6 snacks a month. Subscriptions are for 6 months, with automatic monthly renewal after that.


Add a programme pack to target specific nutrition needs, or choose from a range of supercharged meals, snacks and programmes.


Your meal plans will arrive within 14 days of payment. We take payment automatically every month on the same date of your initial order.


No cooking needed... just take your meal out of the freezer, heat it up and it's ready to eat!

Subscriber benefits

When you subscribe to an AWE meal plan, you become part of the AWE community. AWE members enjoy nutritional tips, as well as special offers on products from AWE and our partners.

Payment and delivery

When you place an order, we'll take payment for the first month of the subscription and all the add-ons and programme packs placed in that order.

The first delivery will arrive within 14 days of your order. This will contain your first month's meal plan (4 meals and 6 snacks), together with all the add-ons and programme packs you've ordered.

For subsequent months, we'll take payment on the same day of the month. For example, if you placed the order on 12 February, we'll take payment on the 12th of each month. Your month's meal plan will arrive within 14 days of this payment date.

If you order many add-ons or programme packs, we'll ask you when you order whether you want to split your delivery, so you can manage your freezer space better.


After 6 months, you can cancel any time by letting us know before the next payment date.

Try before you subscribe

Not ready to commit to a 6-month subscription? Order a one-month trial plan to receive an AWE surprise box.