Preparing your AWE meal for maximum enjoyment

All AWE meals and snacks come pre-cut and are easy to prepare with no cooking needed. Here are some tips to enhance your meal, stay full for longer, and maximise nutrient absorption.

How to store and consume your AWE meals

Store in the freezer

All AWE meals and snacks are designed to be prepared straight from the freezer. Storing your meals in the freezer keeps them nutritious and fresh to the taste.

Warm it up

Overheating your meal could destroy the nutrients in them. We recommend you steam or submerge in a mixture of 50% boiling water and 50% room temperature water. Follow the instructions on the packaging. If steaming, remove all packaging first.

Add your own garnish

To give your meal some extra colour and a more complex flavour dimension, we suggest adding your own garnish like herbs and spices.

Include an AWE snack or a slice of fruit

A standard AWE meal is sufficient for most adults, but some people may need time to adjust. To bulk up your meal, try adding an AWE snack or two, or finish it up with a slice of fruit.

Use add-on meals and snacks to create endless variety

With a subscription, you receive 4 meals and 6 snacks every month. On top of that, there are 200+ meals and snacks you can access as a subscriber, so your meals will never feel the same.

Target specific nutrition needs with programme packs

We'll be releasing a new nutrition pack each quarter, that will help you focus on specific needs such as weight management and immunity boost.