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AWE Bistro review

March 7, 2022

Let me set one thing straight first: I am an employee at this restaurant, which means I will inherently be biased. But I cannot deny how much AWE Bistro strives to stick to its principles while providing delicious and healthy food.

What to expect in AWE bistro

For one thing, everything in the bistro is ‘clean’. This comes straight from the source, picking out the freshest ingredients with the highest quality and nutritional value, then washing them with water and organic soap to purge them of pesticides. They are cooked with nutrition in mind, often at temperatures 48°C and lower to preserve all-natural nutrients. So the food at this particular restaurant has all of its nutrients perfectly preserved, making it healthier than all the other food in the market.

The second thing to note is that AWE bistro has a huge focus on sustainability. Right outside the bistro is an ecosystem of plants and animals, which is completely self-sustainable. Plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and filter water for energy. Animals, namely chicken, and fish use this energy, and their waste are broken down by microorganisms and used as fertilizer and compost for their plants.

Finally, AWE Bistro has supported SG Enable since the very beginning, which helps to benefit society. SG Enable is an organisation set up by the Singapore government, which champions people with disabilities and helps them find jobs. Eight young adults were recruited into the bistro through this programme–including this author, Simba–and five of them work as servers or dishwashers in the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to be patient with them while working with them, and indeed, the servers have been trying their best.

Finally, the food:

During my last visit to the Bistro, I ordered the Wild Mushroom Bisque and Beef Stew, and the Cold Protein Pasta with CollagenEgg soaked in a housemade Tsuyu sauce. Everything tasted like mushrooms, probably because the noodles are made of mycoprotein, which is made primarily of a type of fungus. The noodles were thick and chewy and  paired well with the sweet-and-salty Tsuyu sauce, made in-house with dried shiitake mushrooms. The plant-based egg, while bearing a striking similarity to a real hard-boiled egg in terms of taste and texture, was a joy to eat.

We were also given an experimental spinach and banana smoothie to try. It was mostly green from the spinach but tasted mostly of banana. It did taste really good. I hope it will appear on the menu soon.

Dining at AWE Bistro promises to be an  interesting experience. Go there. Experience it for yourself.

You will not regret it.

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